FSC Accreditation Program

The FSC accreditation is to maintain the independence between the standards it sets and the operation of both kinds. ASI (Accreditation Services International) is responsible for checking the certification body compliance with our rules and procedures through a combination of field and office audits.

All FSC accredited certification bodies must meet the FSC accreditation requirements.

The benefits of the FSC Accreditation

  • Allowing regulators to set overall policy requirements.
  • Reducing uncertainties associated with decisions that affect the protection of the human health and the environment.
  • Removing the need for regulators to employ it’s own audi personnel.
  • Increasing the public confidence.


The guidance and procedures to any organisation providing training or assessment in support of any aspect of the TSQF ( Training Standards Qualification Framework) and have been developed to help you understand the process that your organisation will go through in order to gain the accreditation.

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