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NEW - FSC STD 40-004 V3 due for release 2016

The numerous changes to the revised FSC standard will affect companies that manufacture, process or trade in FSC-certified timber and non-timber forest products, simply, all FSC certified companies. Once the revised standard is released there will be a short period of grace before compliance to the new FSC standard is mandatory.

In order to maintain FSC certificate on an ongoing basis, Internal Training is a necessity. Our FSC training is designed to explain the changes help with continued certification and sales understanding. Our step by step training takes you through the updated FSC certification requirements. You will understand the certification process and how you can prepare for your next external audit. Our face-to-face FSC training can be tailored to your companies business requirements and cater for individuals or small groups.

FSC define their objectives has "The objective of this process is to review and streamline the COC standard to ensure continued relevance and effectiveness in demonstrating that materials and products purchased, labelled and sold as FSC-certified are authentic and associated claims are truthful and correct."

The new FSC standard topics for change include;

  1. Fewer directive documents
  2. Clearer credit system requirements
  3. Proposal to introduce a new cross-site credit system
  4. New transaction verification section
  5. A change in the classification of pre-consumer reclaimed paper
  6. A change in the labeling threshold for FSC Recycled label
The right training gives employees the necessary skills and knowledge to build the in-house competence needed to manage your certification process.

"Not a cost but an investment in your future compliance and protection of global forestry"

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