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FSC Training

This is a difficult task given the multitude of changes to both the FSC and PEFC standard this year and more changes are being reviewed for launch. Fen Consulting offer a simple low cost monthly payment plan which keeps you up-to-date.

Fen Consulting are involved with the major Certification Bodies, FSC and PEFC conferences so the latest information is always at hand.

The changes include;

As recently announced, FSC is currently updating its standards to ensure that FSC certified products comply with government legality efforts, such as the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), US Lacey Act and FLEGT. The FSC Board of Directors mandated that the FSC Policy and Standards Unit ensure the necessary adjustments in the standards are made a year in advance of when the EUTR is implemented, which will be 3 March 2013.

PEFC annex 4 has been replaced with a whole new document PEFC ST 2002:2010.

FSC STD 40-004 V2-1 CoC standard updated with several changes.

FSC STD 40-001a product classification. A whole new standard has been developed which establishes entirely new product codes for your product purchases and sales.

FSC STD 40-001b replaced with a species on-line database.

FSC Normative reference & Advice note clarification. FSC Standards interpretations and explanations are regularly released and may impact on your systems and customers.

FSC-STD-40-007 (V2-0) EN Sourcing reclaimed material for use in FSC Product Groups may not have a direct impact on your system but it may impact on your suppliers and subsequent purchases.

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