Why do companies choose to become FSC-certified? (The Benefits) - 14th December 2011

An FSC market survey report published by FSC shows that customer demands are driving as many as 83% of chain of custody certificate holders to obtain certification. Positive Benefits The report confirms that CoC companies expectations about the benefits of becoming FSC certified have largely been met. This is particularly true for customer loyalty where up to 72% of the chain of custody certificate holders state that their expectations have been met or exceeded. Market benefits with FSC certification are also increased sales to existing clients, higher prices, increased access to new clients and increased revenues. Unexpected advantages The most significant benefit is enhanced access to new clients, where more than 30% of the Chain of Custody certificate holders have experienced an unexpected improvement based on their certificate. As many as 65% of Chain of Custody certificate holders report unexpected benefits of their certification. High level of confidence Almost 90% of the certificate holders are overall content with their certification and expect to maintain it. This positive response was obtained despite the fact that over 42% of the respondents reported having minor or major supply problems. (Source: FSC Annual Market Survey 2010, which was conducted by an independent market research agency. http://www.fsc.org/fileadmin/web-data/public/M_G_S/market_survey.html )

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