Timber Certification | Timber Policy

Our commitment to the environment is guided by our environmental policy, developed with customer requirements and legislation in mind. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment and implement environmentally responsible policies throughout our operation. We have implemented and maintained a Chain of Custody (CoC) system to ensure compliance with both FSC STD 40-004V2 and PEFC ST 2002:2010 criteria.

As part of our procedure it is a policy of the company to avoid using wood/ timber products:

  • That has been illegally logged/ harvested or from controversial sources,
  • Wood harvested from forests where traditional and civil rights are violated.
  • Timber products originating from threatened high conservation value old growth forests,
  • Where there has been significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest use,
  • Introduction of genetically modified organisms in forestry operations,
  • Violation of ILO Core Convention for fundamental principles and rights at work 1998.

Further commitment includes:

  • Ensure workers freedom of association and rights for collective bargaining,
  • Prohibits the use of forced labour,
  • Ensures the minimum age for employment meets national requirements,
  • Ensures equal employment covering recruitment, promotion, division of work and dismissal.

Management will be responsible for implementing this policy and the MR for the CoC system has the day to day responsibility that this statement is carried out and that certification of CoC is maintained to the highest level.

If it is demonstrated the company is using wood from controversial sources, we will promptly take the appropriate actions, which will include ceasing purchases from such sources.

Through documented procedures the company is committed to ensuring that the company’s CoC system is maintained. We will work closely with all of our suppliers to encourage greater use of the certified timber so that our continual improvement programme of including more certified products can be sustained.

On some product lines where certified material under FSC or PEFC may as yet be unavailable, we will continue to seek alternative sources of work with the supplying company to implement their own CoC within agreed time-scales.

The Company will work with our certification body to ensure that all criteria required by the FSC and PEFC are met, and that any non-conformances are corrected without delay.

This policy is available on request.

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