"When we first started thinking about implementing the FSC process within our supply chain, it was extremely daunting to say the least as our product complexity and complicated processes..."

Paul Peirson OMEGA PLC

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FSC Consultants & PEFC Consultants

Our FSC consultants and PEFC Consultants specialise in the processes required to control the origin of wood and wood derived based products, often referred as Chain of Custody.

Our FSC consultants focus specifically on the provision of FSC Certification, while our PEFC consultants focus primarily in PEFC Certification.

Both Chain of Custody certification types will show your customers that you can trace where your timber or wood products have come from and are actively working towards helping maintain sustainable forests.

Our online application form allows you to start the process to gaining either an FSC Chain of Custody Certificate or a PEFC Certificate through our three main Chain of Custody services.

New Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Certification Standard

Publication of the FSC-STD-40-004 V3 (currently Draft 2) Chain of Custody Certification standard is scheduled for November 2016. This a major rewrite of the FSC standard which introduces new concepts in Chain of Custody. The new standard weighs in at a hefty 30 pages bringing a host of new challenges including: new definitions, new control and procedure requirements, FSC normative document additions and modification of almost every clause.

Briefly the new stuff;

  • The quality management system must be adequate, for company size and complexity, to ensure its continuous conformity.
  • New certification scope format
  • New terms and definitions
  • Outsource contracting
  • Stakeholder complaints regarding conformity with the FSC standard
    Non conforming product control, report and resolution
  • Timber legality legislation: National or international legislation established to ban the illegal trade of forest products (e.g. EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), US Lacey Act, Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act).
  • Transaction verification: certification body’s verification of the FSC certified transactions between the organization and its trading partners.
  • Changes to Percentage and Credit control systems

Training is important and specific to you

As an independent company we offer common sense industry tailored training, which is based on the experience of many successful FSC certification implementations.

We currently provide face-to-face training courses designed to introduce and explain the FSC system and how it relates to you.

Once the standard is published we will offer training transition programs to explain the new standard. This is available as face to face and eventually on-line.

Our courses are suitable for anyone who needs a thorough understanding of the FSC system or the new version updates.

These courses are your opportunity to learn first-hand about the FSC system and ask specific questions about the benefits that FSC can bring to your business or organisation.

Procedures and Control system development

Given our wide range of experiences across different industry sectors, we will provide you with solutions that work for you, not just off the shelf text book answers.

We encourage discussion in all our training programs, with a view to linking what you do day to day with what is required by the FSC standards. The aim is to avoid unwanted bureaucracy.

Audit and review

Checking your processes and controls is a key element to continued compliance; with afresh pair of eyes we can feed back positive improvement.

BM Trada 033 Associate Consultant
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FSC is not responsible for the content of any training nor endorse the consultancy provided by Fen Consult.