About Fen Consult

Company History

Our Managing Director, Greg Moore, first established consultancy and audit services in 2004 specialising in the design, test and manufacture of Timber, PVCU, Composite, Aluminium Doors and Windows. Working with major UK companies the successful business thrived. As the construction sector slowed down the business moved and developed into new environmental areas of consultancy.

This led to Fenestration Commercial Ltd being founded in 2009 to support all timber and paper business sectors. Now trading under the simplified name of Fen Consulting we have expanded on the original values through supporting the virtues of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Program for the Enforcement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Our beliefs and vision

“The eye encompasses the beauty of the whole world” - Leonardo da Vinci.

We believe Chain of Custody systems blend timber materials used in construction of our homes and the wood and paper used in our daily live with a desire to safeguard and watch over our environment.

The vision of the company is invested in two similar but contrasting names;

Firstly, the word “fenestration” comes from the Latin meaning arrangement of windows and doors around a building’s facade. Lately according to modern science, fenestration is a technique used in construction that mainly focuses on the windows; doors and skylights for providing a natural environment. Fenestration improves the natural environment of the building by maintaining its temperature and by using specific procedures to control sunlight and air naturally.

Secondly “Fens” are magical places: an essential part of our cherished landscape. The Fens, also known as the Fenland(s), are a naturally marshy region in eastern England. Most of the fens were drained several centuries ago, resulting in a flat, low-lying agricultural region. The Fenland reaches into the East of England and the East Midlands including Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. They support a rich variety of plant and wildlife.

Linking our roots, beliefs and vision is a formula to ensure you reach your chosen destination, helping you to implement agreed actions and transfer skills so that you become stronger and self-sufficient.

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